Forage, Harvest, Cook, Sleep,

Join us as we Forage, Harvest, Cook., Sleep. A great day out as we comb the beach for a variety of seaweeds including Carrageen Moss once served in posh houses across Ireland as a milky pudding with added brandy, dulse, nori, sea spagetti, kelp , sugar kelp and the wracks, bladder wrack, serrated wrack used in some of the most expensive skincare products on the market, a fantastic day is guaranteed.

Cook. As the sun goes down we set up and cook on the beach weather permitting with locally caught cod, hake, haddock the choice is yours. Don't like fish we've got it covered a choice of meats can be arranged. Cook on individual gas stoves add the seaweed seasonings relax, have a drink, dip those feet in the sea and wash away all your worries we say " Let the sand be your seat and the waves hit your feet".

We have a range of trips to suit all pockets from half day foraging trips to overnight stays with a Dander up the Mournes, after of course a good nights rest !

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