A Trio of Seaweed Seasonings in a Presentation Box with a free pair of foraging socks. Don't know what to do with the left overs from the festive season or family get togethers meals. Our whiskey Smoked Maldon with Seaweed Garlic and Rosemary delicious condiment great in a sandwich with meats. Try our Seaweed Seasoning with Chilli and Sesame Seeds great on salads why not heat up a wok add one spoonful of honey one of soy sauce and one of the Seasoning bubble up then toss in the left over meat or veg delicious YUM. The last Seasoning is a Smoky Dulse in Maldon with Rainbow peppercorns great umami flavour for all those soup lovers and a great way not to waste left over food.

A lovely gift for budding chefs, or indeed for anyone who likes to cook. Triple Award Winning seasonings

A Trio of Seaweed Seasonings gift box