6 Friends  can discover the magic of Seaweed Foraging a great half day birthday celebration. All you need to bring is a responsible adult or 2. We meet and greet and begin the day with a delicious smoothie I bet you will never know it contains seaweed. The coconut milk is mixed with apple, kiwi and kelp to set us up for a half day  foraging for seaweeds. Discover that not all stars belong in the sky as we look the rock pools for star fish and crabs. After foraging  we set up the gas cookers mum or dad will help as we cook a choice of fish or meats, burgers sausages the choice is yours. Afterwards relax build a sand sculpture, fly a kite dip those feet in the sea. We provide the towels, buckets spades, kites. At the close of the day enjoy a warming hot chocolate with marshmallows and a celebration cake provided by us. Up to 2  adults go and  eat free.

Childrens Party Adventure for 6 with 2 free Adult places