Maldon Sea Salt with smoked Dulse and Rainbow Peppercorns. Great seaweed seasoning good over everything. 200ml Glass Bottle

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Sweet Chocolate and Beetroot Cake with Vinilla Icream wrapped in Dulse

150g dark chocolate, 120g butter, 80g flour, 100g ground almonds, 20g dulse, baking powder, cinammon, cardamom, 5 eggs, 50g honey, 250g grated beetroot, 200ml ice cream


melt the chocolate and butter in a saucepan set aside whisk flour, almonds cinnamom and cardimom almonds ,baking powder and milled dulse set this aside as well.In another bowl whisk eggs and honey addin the flour mixture to this along with the melted chocolate and grated beetroot bake for 30 mins , serve with the ice cream and sprinkle some dulse on top

Dulse Salt with Botanicals

  • Maldon Sea Salt with Smokie Dulse Seaweed and Rainbow Peppercorns