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Calm Sea

         We are a Family Run Business

Meet the Producers :Dad Ray, Mum Michelle Children Jenna, Eddie, Ronnie and Tess


And our Dog Nell


At Crawford's Rock Ltd, we are passionate about healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing, and living well into old age. We are dedicated to producing high quality seaweed products that are not only delicious, but also packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

We are committed to helping our customers lead healthier and happier lives through the introduction of sea greens into their diets. Visit our website shop to find out more about the amazing health benefits of seaweed and to purchase our products.


Available Now: Wild and Free "Savour the Seas"

Tide to Table Taste Tour 

Journey with us from Silk Island to Home Port

Forage for a profile of Seaweeds

Gather a relaxing Seaweed Spa Bath

Dare to Wild Sea Swim or dip those feet in the brinny waters at 

Crawford's Rock

Listen to the endearing call of the curlews as they soar and dive

Enjoy Coastal Flavours Extravaganza

Oysters, Crab, Mussels , Salads and home baked breads

try a traditional Seamoss Pudding

Sit and Chat a while

We are fully JAM Trained and ask that you leave No Trace

Nothing behind but FOOTPRINTS in the SAND


Friends at the Beach

Come and Enjoy a Day out with us.

At Crawford's Rock Ltd, we are proud to be the custodians of the shoreline, dedicated to our sustainable and ethical approach to seaweed production. Our seaweed is hand-harvested by our family who has been granted exclusive kelp rights in the area. We are dedicated to the stewardship of the shoreline and the surrounding environment.

Our seaweed is sustainably harvested and carefully processed to ensure the highest quality product. Visit our website shop to learn more about how we care for our coastline and the products we provide.

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