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           Crawford's Rock

          Seaweed Company


       from a dream to reality...       

Traditional our ancestors foraged the beach for shoulk (commonly known as Laver or Nori ) They would have washed and boiled the shoulk for many hours and when cooked added salt and pepper,this was served on home baked soda farls or wheaten bannock. 

Today we relive this tradition in a very modern company called Crawford's Rock Seaweed Company were we make award winning seaweed seasonings and seaweed salts. Our  Whiskey Smoked Seaweed Seasoning with Rosemary and Garlic has just won gold at Blas na h Eireann along with an Award for the Best New Product in Ireland 2020

Our Seaweed Flakes have won Blas 2020 Irish Food Awards Bronze and we have a Peppermint Kombu Tea that has been awards a Star in The Great Taste Awards.