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Wow, would you like to embark on an amazing seaweed foraging experience! Were you are able to see a profile of seaweeds, hear seabirds, and gather a seaweed bath to use at home. This unique and enjoyable adventure starts with a seaweed forage and is a great way to connect with nature and discover the incredible diversity of marine life. Plus, being able to bring a piece of the experience home with you by creating a seaweed bath sounds refreshing and relaxing. I hope you will have a fantastic time and that your seaweed bath will help you reflect and relax at home! Meet the Team at the Square Kilkeel, let's walk and talk seaweed as we take you to visit 3 private beach locations and chat through the seaweed profile on each beach, relax with a cup of Peppermint Kombu Tea and a Seaweed Snack. All we ask is that you wear suitable footwear and bring a warm coat, this experience is booked and offered at a time of convenience to you. Book and Email for further information

Order this product online to receive your voucher plus a delicious award winning Seaweed Seasoning posted to your door

Forage with me "Walk and Talk Seaweed"

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